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Michael Lubofsky

Owner and Project Lead
Admitted to Practice Law in California and Connecticut

Mike LubofskyAs an attorney, and one who has always been interested in exploring the possibilities inherent in emerging technology, the advent of the Internet in the late 1990’s piqued my interest as to ways in which the web might be combined with law practice.  At that time, I left my corporate job and took time to learn web design and publishing well enough to launch several online attorney directories prior to the emergence of Findlaw and Lawyers.com, including the first directory specifically formatted for the iPhone prior to Apple’s launch of its App Store in 2007.

Over the past several years, my Internet marketing services for attorneys have expanded to include professional blogging (especially WordPress), pay-per-click search advertising, social media outreach, press releases, and more.  In addition to consulting to attorneys and law firms, I have served in marketing management capacities for several local and national plaintiff’s class action law firms.

In addition to my work with Attorneyz.com, I continue to maintain a holistic law and mediation practice at Holistic-Lawyer.com, and also offer mindfulness and meditation training to attorneys at MINDFULAW.com.


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