Attorney Lead Generation

Lawyer Marketing Services provides full digital marketing and technology solutions to attorneys and law firms.

The Internet has truly transformed the ways in which members of the general public seek out and exchange information about lawyers and law firms.  A professionally designed website is your first, best, and perhaps only opportunity to create an image and project an overall impression to local and national consumers who now have many law firms from which to choose in almost every practice area niche.  If your law firm website fails to engage, the likelihood that a consumer will choose your firm over the competition is remote.

A professional blog presents an unprecedented opportunity to showcase your expertise, while addressing basic, frequently asked questions, in ways likely to prompt a consumer to contact you to learn more.

Social media has unquestionably emerged as the new “word of mouth” on which members of the public have come to rely when seeking out qualified counsel.

Online advertising in the form of pay-per-click advertising has become an indispensable component of law firm marketing strategies.  While organic search engine optimization remains essential, attorneys who ignore paid placement on primary online destinations such as Google and Facebook simply will be unable to grow and prosper in the future.

Use of sophisticated analytics tools such as Google Analytics now facilitate real-time, quantitative insight into website, social media, and advertising performance.  Properly harnessed, use of these analytic tools can distill your marketing program to a virtual science, leaving little to chance.  We have the expertise and legal acumen to make optimal use of these tools to ensure unparalleled return on your advertising and marketing dollars.

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