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Michael Lubofsky

Owner and Project Lead
Admitted to Practice Law in California and Connecticut

Mike LubofskyAs an attorney, and one who has always been interested in exploring the possibilities inherent in emerging technology, the advent of the Internet in the late 1990’s piqued my interest as to ways in which the web might be combined with law practice.  At that time, I left my corporate job and took time to learn web design and publishing well enough to launch several online attorney directories prior to the emergence of Findlaw and, including the first directory specifically formatted for the iPhone prior to Apple’s launch of its App Store in 2007.

Over the past several years, my Internet marketing services for attorneys have expanded to include professional blogging (especially WordPress), pay-per-click search advertising, social media outreach, press releases, and more.  In addition to consulting to attorneys and law firms, I have served in marketing management capacities for several local and national plaintiff’s class action law firms.

In addition to my work with, I continue to maintain a holistic law and mediation practice at, and also offer mindfulness and meditation training to attorneys at


WordPress for Lawyers

Professional, content rich, optimized websites serve the dual objectives of: (1) establishing credibility and and projecting expertise in your core practice areas; and (2) securing coveted organic search engine visibility. We employ a BUILD/MEASURE/ITERATE approach that emphasizes our ongoing analysis of website performance and trends to better ensure targeted results over time in harmony with the ever-changing online landscape.

Build and Launch Your Website

We design lawyer websites and blogs with the aesthetic presence, style and functionality to meet the most exacting standards. The content we create for your law firm website and/or WordPress blog is done so creatively, but also projecting a level of professionalism usually not achieved with a web designer lacking prior experience as a practicing attorney.  With this unique hybrid background, we can create highly customized, professional content that will serve to enhance your professional reputation in the eyes of potential new clients, as well as other attorneys both locally and nationally.

WordPress for LawyersIf you prefer to create your own content, or delegate that responsibility to others within your office, we can provide you with a turnkey solution that includes full training on the WordPress platform, and we remain available to address any questions as you move forward.


Search engine traffic will drive viewers to your site.  Optimizing this traffic will get you the right viewers.

Website and social media analytics have significantly advanced in recent years.  We can now monitor and analyze virtually every aspect of your website’s performance.  Scheduled reporting will include updated optimization strategies and a clearly articulated action plan in line with your practice goals.


Based on the metrics of your quarterly or monthly analytics report that will include your website and/or blog, all major social media platforms, and pay-per-click advertising campaigns, we will modify your website, create new content, and continue to reshape your online presence to reach clients looking for a qualified attorney with your specific expertise.

Get started now

Whether you have yet to establish an online presence or are frustrated with an under-performing website, we can help you get more business.  You can learn more about my range of solutions by giving me a call at (415) 508-6263.

Attorney Lead Generation

Lawyer Marketing Services provides full digital marketing and technology solutions to attorneys and law firms.

The Internet has truly transformed the ways in which members of the general public seek out and exchange information about lawyers and law firms.  A professionally designed website is your first, best, and perhaps only opportunity to create an image and project an overall impression to local and national consumers who now have many law firms from which to choose in almost every practice area niche.  If your law firm website fails to engage, the likelihood that a consumer will choose your firm over the competition is remote.

A professional blog presents an unprecedented opportunity to showcase your expertise, while addressing basic, frequently asked questions, in ways likely to prompt a consumer to contact you to learn more.

Social media has unquestionably emerged as the new “word of mouth” on which members of the public have come to rely when seeking out qualified counsel.

Online advertising in the form of pay-per-click advertising has become an indispensable component of law firm marketing strategies.  While organic search engine optimization remains essential, attorneys who ignore paid placement on primary online destinations such as Google and Facebook simply will be unable to grow and prosper in the future.

Use of sophisticated analytics tools such as Google Analytics now facilitate real-time, quantitative insight into website, social media, and advertising performance.  Properly harnessed, use of these analytic tools can distill your marketing program to a virtual science, leaving little to chance.  We have the expertise and legal acumen to make optimal use of these tools to ensure unparalleled return on your advertising and marketing dollars.

Call us today at (415) 508-6263 to learn more about a customized marketing and technology program for your law practice.


Law Firm Search Advertising

Pay per Click for Lawyers

Adwords for Lawyers and Law Firms

Google and Facebook have emerged as unquestioned leaders in online real estate.  On both of these online destinations, you can apply a real estate analogy within which organic, or unpaid, listings or pages can be found scattered among thickly settled suburban sprawl, while paid listings enjoy prominent downtown visibility.  It would be expected that the downtown real estate would be more expensive as it captures the eyes and interest of far more potential consumers.

Welcome to the world of pay-per-click advertising.

adwords-for-lawyersIn addition to my more than twenty years of law practice experience, we have managed hundreds of thousands of dollars in pay-per-click advertising for law firms, and have extensive experience designing highly cost-effective pay-per-click campaigns for attorneys and law firms on Google Adwords, and Facebook.  Twitter is now entering this market offering promoted tweets.  We know that by designing an optimized landing page for your pay-per-click campaigns and narrowly tailoring your ad copy, we can realize lower cost-per-click rates for coveted sponsored placement on these destinations.

Additionally, having served in marketing capacities for law firms focused on different practice areas, we have experiential knowledge that certain platforms, e.g., Facebook versus Google, are particularly effective in generating leads for specific types of cases.  With this expertise and insight, we can produce Adwords for lawyers campaigns with a ROI for your ad dollars that will position you ahead of the competition.

Social Media for Attorneys and Law Firms

 Social Media for Lawyers

The business of law practice has always been driven by community reputation and word-of-mouth.  In today’s digital age, this “community” has significantly shifted towards social media platforms and prominent ratings sites.  While your professional, optimized website serves as the anchor of your online presence, it is social media that increasingly serves to alert and educate the public as to your presence, expertise, and availability.

In particular, Facebook continues to develop and refine the ways in which online professional identities are forged.  A well-conceived and maintained Facebook presence can quickly produce exponential leaps in your practice visibility in the eyes of local and national consumers searching for qualified counsel.

In the contemporary marketplace, social media marketing presents very unique outreach opportunities, but carries with it particular pitfalls for attorneys.  Mike recently completed a 6-course Specialization in Social Media Marketing from Northwestern University that positions us to offer cost-effective, highly targeted social media marketing programs.  We can develop and implement social media marketing programs for your practice that will connect you with potential clients, and successfully nurture those connections until your high-value targets are ready to retain counsel.

Available Social Media Solutions for Attorneys


  • Facebook Law Firm Pages
  • Dedicated Practice Area Facebook Pages
  • Case-Specific Facebook Pages
  • Page “Boost” Campaigns
  • Facebook Post and Moderation
  • Targeted Facebook Ads
  • Website Widget Integration


  • Handle Selection and Account Setup
  • Profile Design and Launch
  • Account Promotion to Attract “Followers”
  • Promoted Tweets
  • Website Widget Integration


  • Profile Buildout and Optimization
  • Connection Augmentation
  • Case and Practice-Area Specific LinkedIn Groups
  • Campaigns to Grow References and Testimonials



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